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I have no pretence of calling this a Gaming Thread but I heard you like lists

Christmas so there isn't much news. I don't have my....I wouldn't call it an GOTY as I haven't played many games this year but something resembling on what I liked that I played this year. Christmas week kicked my ass.

So did anyone get anything gaming related for Christmas? Only thing I got was a new keyboard. Asked for a new Ducky after I fried mine with ice tea only to end up with one of those Logitech Orion keyboards. It's cool, keys took a day or so to get used to when using it for anything other than playing games. It's also damn near seizure inducing if you crank the color effects to max speed.

I sat down with $20 and saw how far I could stretch out that money on quantity and quality during the Steam sale. Something different than the usual "hey, these games are cheap and good".

And I'm gonna throw up my favorite movie and music lists. I got crapped on last year for my music tastes so lets see how bad it is this year.

How far can you stretch a $20 during the Steam Sale?

Now, I did skip the daily and the flash deal things just to keep me from getting a headache.

Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION ($3.39) - One of the best shmups of the last few years. When you get into the zone, the game is pure bliss dodging some breath taking bullet patterns.

Toki Tori (49 cents) - Great little platform puzzler that gets hard as balls in the later levels. Graphics are real charming. They don't make games like this any more (for better or worse).

Puzzler World 2 (49 cents) - Do you remember those brain teaser books of yore? Yeah, well this is that just an ass load of them. Great little time waster. I'd get the second one as it's got a better variety of puzzles.

Savant - Ascent (99 cents) - Fun little beat'em up with solid controls and enough upgrades to make things interesting.

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death (99 cents) - For a low budget God of War game, it's surprisingly quite decent for what it is. And the devs knew it too which makes the game fun with it's own brand of kitsch.

SpaceChem (99 cents) - Do you have a PHD in geometry? It's basically Lazer Khet: The Puzzle Game but really damn hard. MENSA members only. If you can bust your balls to figure out the puzzles, it's pretty damn rewarding and there is enough content to keep you satisfied.

Hexcells Plus ($1.01) - You ever thought that what was missing from Minesweeper was a puzzle mode? Well, this will scratch that itch. It's got a real nice calming ability to itself while throwing you some tricky puzzles.

Beyond Divinity ($1.19) - Classic Diablo clone with a huge amount of ambition. Some of that ambition falls flat and it's got some eurojank but damn is this game just a ton of fun.

Railroad Tycoon 2 Platnium Edition ($1.24) - Still one of the best sims around and it works good on modern machines.

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream ($1.49) Still one of the best P&C adventure games ever made. Still one of the hardest P&C adventure games of all-time.

Noitu Love 2 ($1.99) - One of the best 2D action beat'em ups of the last 10 years. If you dug stuff like Gunstar Heroes, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

Penumbra Collector's Pack ($2.29.) - Awesome hide & seek adventure game. It's what laid the groundwork for Amnesia and frankly, has a better story and better "scare moments". Very much worth checking out.

La-Mulana ($2.99) - Really hard as balls Metroidvania with a fun sense of exploration and a nice 16 bit art style. Prepare to die a lot, prepare to have a lot of fun.

Total ends up at $19.54 which leaves you some more change to grab any other cheap game to top you off.


Black Coal, Thin Ice - This is my favorite film of the year. It wears it's well worn noir tropes quite proudly but it's really a case of just some outstanding acting and breathtaking cinematography of areas of China that just isn't filmed enough. Though it doesn't exactly tread new ground, with how tight the writing is, it's easy to see how it took Diao Yinan 8 years to write it while building on his under appreciated Night Train film. Liao Fan is one of those actors that you notice but he's never really given anything to do but he took this main role as far as the material could take him. He nailed the haunted washed up cop looking for redemption. He deserved the Silver Bear and was frankly robbed out of his Golden Horse. I thought Secret sucked which didn't make me expect much out of Gwei Lun-Mei but in this flick, she has to be one of the best fragile femme fatales I've ever seen. She's good, real good while making her relationship with Fan very believable.

Brotherhood of Blades - The wuxia genre has been basically dead since Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou shit up the joint with their films a decade ago but occasionally in the sea of crap, you do get a really good one every full moon (Reign of The Assassins being the last one). So when someone hits it out of the park, you have to sit up and take notice. This grounded (for wuxia) martial arts epic checks off all the things you want: insane wirework in some over the top action scenes, a mostly well written multi layered story (some of the conspiracies lost me a bit on first viewing), top notch acting that actually makes you care about the characters and though it doesn't have a House of Flying Daggers level of gaudiness, it's a really lavish production which they really had to rubs pennies together considering the small budget. I'm not exactly a fan of Chang Chen (too much of a pretty boy) but man did he really knock it out of the park while hoping for the best with his relationship with Zhou. I really like Shishi Liu when she is on the big screen, she's good on tv but she shines on the big screen letting her bust her hump and take time to actually act which she is quite good at.

Guardians of the Galaxy - What else is there to say about this film that hasn't been said before? When they announced James Gunn was going to do it, the only feeling I had was this was going to be one of the biggest bombs of all-time or it's gonna be one of the best Marvel flicks of all-time. I guess if I had to poke anything at this flick was all the set pieces were way too claustrophobic but at first viewing you don't really notice it with it's writing. And even with repeated viewings, it doesn't bother me too much, just something that stuck out to me.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Didn't like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it was boring and plodded way to much so I went in with low expectations which lead me to be quite surprised in this. Gary Oldman is always awesome and he was especially awesome as the only dude with a clue. Still like seeing the can't we get along people getting proven that no, they can't. The tech behind the ape performances continues to impress me.

The Raid 2 - I think the quality of films of Evans and Uwais is getting worse (Merantau was better than The Raid which was better than the Raid 2) but they're still so much fun with some great fight scenes (prison scene and fight against the assassins) and Iko Uwais can actually act. I dunno what else to say, nothing else really stands out other than it just being a fun film.

Chef - What can I say, I really like Jon Favreau (even thought Couples Retreat wasn't bad) and this right here is a solid heartwarming family comedy with some of Favreau's better writing to date. For someone who has been in a restaurant kitchen, everything dealing with cooking was dead on to the point where it was believable while having some fun with it. Of all the cameos, nothing feels forced while filling out the scenes with some class. You don't get these kind of films that often anymore and it's nice when it's actually good.

Hungry Ghost Ritual - As anything other than a pizza & beer horror flick, this flick is really bad. Does the story make sense? Nope. Do you care about anyone in this flick? Nope. But this flick shares a lot of similarities of the Category III heyday that it apes, it's a lot of schlocky fun with some pretty good gore. I got what I came for in this flick while chowing down on some Valeo's and Spotted Cow. Call it the Joe Bob Briggs Special. And even though it's a directorial debut from star Nick Cheung, he probably shouldn't direct again.

The Suspect - Bit of a cop out as this did come out in Korea on Christmas day last year but eh. This fast paced (no joke, it's just non-stop balls to the wall) North Korea - South Korea spy thriller is well worth watching (it's on Netflix). Never would have expected nerdy & nebish Gong Yoo to be able to pull off the bad ass spy trapped behind enemy lines who also being on a mission of revenge after the Norks killed his wife and child. South Korea can do spy thrillers in their sleep, they're the best around at it and this one is one of the best ones in the last few years.

The Babadook - What do you get from distilling horror films of the last 80 years? You get The Babadook as it weaves it's tale through pretty much everything that has come before. I know a lot of people went all "it's German expressionism" and they would be mostly right though personally, the film comes off as something Val Lewton would have made in his prime. The notes of the film is perfectly dense and ambiguous while having a great creature design (of what you can see). Seeing Essie Davis in something other than Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (you should watch it, it's good) was also fun. Horror has been way too cheap lately and this does a good job bringing back some actual terror. I do wish it wasn't so damn pretentious at spots.

Jodorowsky's Dune - Man I wish this film was made. Like, if there was anything you wanted to know about Jodorowsky's vision of adapting this thing, it's all here with the who's who rogue gallery of artists. This thing just beats down the door in how awesome this would have been while every one seems excited in reminiscing about just the whole production was heading before it got shut down because of budget reasons. Would have been better than what Lynch gave us. Makes for a great double viewing with The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.


Lack of Afro - Music for Adverts - I've been following him since his debut album, Press On (Touch My Soul is the shit) , came out and he's always been a dude who has been really damn solid but you always had a sneaking suspicion that he had something more to give to get to a new height. This album is that next step and it's far and away the best album of 2014. Everything is on point with killer soulful licks while Jack Tyson-Charles croons away that makes a grown man weep (he's on 5 of the 12 songs).

Roni Size - Take Kontrol - If you didn't grow up listening to Roni Size, his first album in almost 15 years is pretty dated but man did this thing really scratch my nostalgic itch for some Roni Size. This whole is basically a journey of him reliving the albums he's released in the past with touching on stuff like Brown Paper Bag and Scrambled Eggs. I dunno, I know it's not a good album but man did this dude fill my Jr. High and Highschool days and I'm getting to the age where nostalgia isn't a bad thing. We got a new Portishead album (which sucked) and now we got a new Roni Size album, all we need now is a new album from DJ Krush and those years of my youth have been re-lived.

Odesza - In Return - I really didn't like their debut album, it was messy and a lot of the beats didn't work IMO but this one they really dialed it in and cleaned up their act creating a rich sound while still being damn chilled. And I don't know who Zyra is but she really is the standout vocalist on the album, her songs on this album is really good.

Megan Washington - There There - I really like this girl's voice. First time I heard her was King of the Rodeo on The Bamboos' Sidestepper album and I fell in love with her voice. She's not exactly a trailblazer with music styles, she started off with jazz and funk on other people's stuff while doing her indie pop thing and with her sophomore album, she's gone towards more 80's style pop music. And you know what, she nails everything thrown at her with her vocal range. And her writing is pretty good with interesting hooks. If you want to ding the album, as much as I really like Limitless, it doesn't have a song that makes you go wow like How to Tame Lions or Clementine.

BabyMetal - BabyMetal - After 3 1/2 years of singles, they finally released their first "album" which for the most part just collects most of those singles. And I'm totally cool with that as the songs though are well worn with me are still good. Plus it's kinda par for the course to release something like this in Japan as your first "album". For them doing this for awhile now (was a side thing to keep some junior idols active), they're still a lot of fun with their over produced studio tracks and little girls singing. Nothing is deep or anything, it's just really fun pop music. What else can I say, she's got a good voice, she can write, she's hot and single.

Star Guitar - Schrodinger's Scale - As I get older, I've been finding myself liking more stuff that I would have considered muzak no more than 10 years ago and for that type of stuff, this album is really good with the main focus being on someone banging on a keyboard. Everything is focused on the keyboard and it's a good choice as it's quite pleasing. Not for everyone but I dug this album

Third Coast Kings - West Grand Boulevard - Michigan funk by the way of Italy. Even had to pay import prices to get this album. That being said, I've seen these guys live before and they're really good musicians and their sophomore album is better than their self titled debut. They are really getting into their groove as one of the best funk bands around. That being said, I really do wish Michelle Camilleri would come back as she really makes their music pop. If you dig funk, this is a must check out album

Perturbator - Dangerous Days - I think this is his best album. It's really good in it's dark and brooding chiptune. Every track just flows into the next making for a really nice package. Just one of those albums that makes for great background music. As with all of Perturbator, it's and either or situation as there really isn't much middle ground on if you like him or not.

L'Orange - The Orchid Days - After Wax Tailor went off the deep end, I started listening to this dude for my landscapes filled with jazzy hop beats with a soul and superb knowledge on when to drop a sample, a singer or rapper to keep the overarching narrative moving. Not everyone can paint with a musical brush but this man knows what's up. It's quite tantalizing in how it's layered in the story it tells. And to top it off, he's got some room to grow still.

My Twitter so you can tell me I have horrible taste in two different places

Posted by: Gang of Gaming Morons! at 03:12 PM


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1 Welp apparently I screwed up on the Steam thing as the Beyond Divinity price is part of one of today's deals :/

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:09 PM (SyKbw)

2 That's bold talk from a one-eyed fat man!

Posted by: Anderson Cooper's Smoked Sausages at December 28, 2014 03:19 PM (MbqmP)

3 Shit

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:19 PM (SyKbw)

4 I like this thread but my browser keeps crashing. I guess my computer is too old.

Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:20 PM (9BRsg)

5 I like this thread but my browser keeps crashing. I guess my computer is too old.

Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:20 PM (9BRsg)

hmm I've posted more than this before and no one had any problems

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:22 PM (SyKbw)

6 Not crashing here. But takes like 20 secs to refresh. But that could be my DSL.

Posted by: olddog in mo at December 28, 2014 03:25 PM (6hrmc)

7 Dude
I am sure its me.
I usually have probs w these threads.
Old woman with old tech! Lol

Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:25 PM (9BRsg)

8 Yo dawg, i heard you like lists, so i put lists in your gaming thread so you can list while you game.

Posted by: Xzibit at December 28, 2014 03:28 PM (zUlRC)

9 My abbreviated recommendations for movie rental of movies that did not kill the box office are.
1. Fanboys
2. Ninja Assasin
3. The Cooler

Posted by: Bob Belcher at December 28, 2014 03:28 PM (3jmxp)

10 At this point, the two best games I played this year is 80 Days and Crimzon Clover

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:31 PM (SyKbw)

11 And Crimzon Clover is a bit of an anomaly as it's an expanded version of a freeware game

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:33 PM (SyKbw)

5 I like this thread but my browser keeps crashing. I guess my computer is too old. Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:20 PM (9BRsg) hmm I've posted more than this before and no one had any problems
Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:22 PM (SyKbw)

No, people have had problems. There is a noticeable delay for me on my laptop when I click the continue reading. It only happens on gaming threads with the massive number of videos under the fold.

Posted by: buzzion at December 28, 2014 03:33 PM (zt+N6)

13 Posted by: buzzion at December 28, 2014 03:33 PM (zt+N6)

Hmm other than new software, dunno how to fix the amount of vids about a visual medium

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:36 PM (SyKbw)

14 Old woman with old tech! Lol

Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:25 PM (9BRsg)

Posted by: CharlieBrown'sDildo at December 28, 2014 03:38 PM (Zu3d9)

15 Not a criticism Dude!

Posted by: Y-not on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:38 PM (9BRsg)

16 Old woman with old tech! Lol

Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:25 PM (9BRsg)

Don't believe her.

The photo in the Football thread is of Y-not......

Posted by: CharlieBrown'sDildo at December 28, 2014 03:39 PM (Zu3d9)

17 I like this thread but my browser keeps crashing. I guess my computer is too old.

One of those tubes just might be clogged. Check for a big truck stuck in there.

Posted by: Ted Stevens at December 28, 2014 03:43 PM (HKvMD)

18 The only gaming item I got for Christmas was a new set of triggers for my ps3. I think I am going to stay in 2013 for another year. Nothing got my attention in 2014.

Plus I still can't bring myself to pay $10 a month for online gaming (ps4 and xbox one), so I'll stick with ps3 and PC.

Posted by: wooga at December 28, 2014 03:46 PM (zUlRC)

19 I picked up Game Dev Tycoon last night. Kind of a fun game. It seems to be very picky on things though. I'll probably check out the mods for it eventually.

Posted by: buzzion at December 28, 2014 03:47 PM (zt+N6)

20 My advice for cheap but great games - for today - get the following:
1. Crusader Kings II - for 10 bucks at 75% off. It's beyond fun, grand stategy game by Paradox with the added fun of being assassinated by your hunchbacked insane son you have doing your books. Who then declares war on Hungary .
2. Victoria II - another Paradox grand strategy game set in the opening of the 1800's thru the 20th century. A lot more detailed, very hard core but only $4.99

3. Dishonored - by Bethesda - a alternate British Empire mystery action/slash'em'up/RPG in a steampunk vein. Worth much more than the current $4.99 at 75% off. Pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

4. Mount & Blade - Warband - It's $3.99 at 80% off. This is the first-person shooter of the medieval age. The way that horse mounted combat as well as melee is handled is very visceral. The developers are a husband and wife team from Central Europe. Their control scheme quickly becomes second nature. This game allows you to conquer territory and go from a mercenary into a king. Great fun. Should not miss this.

5. Kingdoms of Amalaur - Reckoning - high budget offering from a defunct developer who was 1. given too much in loans and (2) was cut off at the knees at a critical juncture by Lincoln Chaffee, a leftist RINO who is now "independent" and a shit stirring fuckwad with no clue how to do shit.

The game is an open world fantasy game - a bright and colorful version of a Skyrim-alike. It's only $4.99 and is really worth it.

There, if you get these you'll have excellent, modern games with a lot of depth and playtime. But only for the next dozen or so hours.

Posted by: Inspector Cussword at December 28, 2014 03:47 PM (scgac)

21 With PSN and Live, it's all about stocking up when it's at that $35-$40 sale price

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:48 PM (SyKbw)

22 Posted by: buzzion at December 28, 2014 03:47 PM (zt+N6)

If you like that, you should check out the better Game Dev Story on iOS or Android. A lot of fun for $5

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:49 PM (SyKbw)

23 I like this thread but my browser keeps crashing. I guess my computer is too old.
Posted by: Y-not semi-retired on the phone at December 28, 2014 03:20 PM (9BRsg)

Upgrade to a Pentium! Even MC Hammer thinks it's da bomb!

Posted by: Anderson Cooper's Smoked Sausages at December 28, 2014 03:50 PM (MbqmP)

24 Yeah, MC Hammer!

Posted by: Anderson Cooper's Smoked Sausages at December 28, 2014 03:52 PM (MbqmP)

25 Can I throw my new favorite videos?

Caro Emerald: You're All I Want For Christmas

Oh, and just for fun: A night like this

(It's got elbows)

Posted by: Kindltot at December 28, 2014 03:53 PM (t//F+)

26 Nope, nothing gaming related, just a new, very cool smaller wireless keyboard for using Spotify on my TV (or Netflix - but mostly for Spotify).

Works really well. Nice touch. Feels solid, nice slant.

Posted by: artisanal 'ette at December 28, 2014 03:55 PM (IXrOn)

27 I got Dragon Age: Inquisition for Christmas, but I only have my non-Boot Camp-enabled Mac with me while on vacation. I'll have to wait until I return home to enjoy the sweet elf-on-elf lesbian action. Because, diversity.

Posted by: antisocial justice beatnik's on vacation at December 28, 2014 03:55 PM (MOjUR)

28 Posted by: antisocial justice beatnik's on vacation at December 28, 2014 03:55 PM (MOjUR)

Diversity VS Science

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:56 PM (SyKbw)

29 If we're going with the best music vids of 2014, nothing beats the ME!ME!ME! music vid

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 03:58 PM (SyKbw)

30 Not really a gamer here, but I guess I *will be* by the time I figure out how to use/program the new dishwasher + refrig.

At least they don't have (blinking 12:00!) clocks.

Posted by: JeanQ Flyover at December 28, 2014 04:06 PM (rhjQp)

31 "And I'm gonna throw up my favorite movie and music lists."

There's probably something you can take for that.

Posted by: m at December 28, 2014 04:06 PM (G891H)

32 I still have a soft spot in my heart for Joust.

Posted by: Anderson Cooper's Smoked Sausages at December 28, 2014 04:08 PM (MbqmP)

33 There's probably something you can take for that.
Posted by: m at December 28, 2014 04:06 PM (G891H)

I could read the content before posting too.

Posted by: Kindltot at December 28, 2014 04:09 PM (t//F+)

34 To be fair, no one reads the content

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 04:19 PM (SyKbw)

35 To whoever it was that wanted to join the Horde WoW guild, I think it was Somesay the Strawmarian but am not positive.

I just wanted you to know that it isn't that I'm ignoring your join request but that I can't actually add you to the guild unless you are on the server at the same time as one of my toons.

Posted by: Polliwog the 'Ette at December 28, 2014 04:19 PM (GDulk)

36 In addition to my last comment, Now that I'm widowed, most of the good guys *are* taken for the same reason. Personally, I consider employed and not on disability to be a requirement since John left money to care for the kids not a boy-toy, but middle-age single guys seem to be generally either messily divorced, happy to be on disability, or uhm..not a good idea with three teenage girls in the house. I know that doesn't describe *all* middle-aged single guys though, just the ones I've met (which in fairness isn't really all that many since I'm practically a hermit).

Posted by: Polliwog the 'Ette at December 28, 2014 04:28 PM (GDulk)

37 Whoops, wrong thread, very sorry.

Posted by: Polliwog the 'Ette at December 28, 2014 04:29 PM (GDulk)

38 Jodorowski gathered a huge amount of talent for his version of Dune...but I bet if the movie had been made, it would have been terrible.

I've only seen two Jodorowski films, El Topo and The Holy Mountain. The first was just dull but the second was dull, overlong, and remarkably stupid.

Posted by: Null at December 28, 2014 04:31 PM (xjpRj)

39 Isn't that how it always goes with stuff like that though? Always works better in your head instead of the big screen

Posted by: The Dude at December 28, 2014 04:36 PM (SyKbw)

40 Haven't played WoW *quite* as much the last couple of weeks since I've had a couple of paying projects and owe Eldest Kidlet a long over-due poncho that I had to restart. I can sometimes read the HQ and knit but playing WoW and knitting is not something I can manage (so I tend to just play WoW). Son and I have both been enjoying WoD as well as going back and running RotLK and MoP dungeons now that we are freakishly over-leveled for them.

Posted by: Polliwog the 'Ette at December 28, 2014 04:43 PM (GDulk)

41 Got the kid an Xbox One fer Christmas.

Oh, joy, a Windows 8 interface.

Posted by: --- at December 28, 2014 05:10 PM (MMC8r)

42 I saw "The Babadook" last night on On-Demand.

It was well-made and I enjoyed it, but if you've read reviews praising it to the skies, you need to cut your expectations by about 50%.

It's a psychological thriller with enough oddball goings on to keep you off kilter and flirts with horror, though I'm not really sure if it's a horror movie.

The ambiguous ending maybe tips it into horror.

Hard to discuss the flick without tons of spoilers.

So, I'll just say don't read much about it and watch "The Babadook", you'll probably have a good time.

I also saw a good, artsy horror movie recently called "Heartless", which-

I talked about in today's book thread.

It hasn't gotten the praise that "The Babadook" has received, but I think it may be the better movie.

"Heartless" has really stuck with me over the last several days.

Check it out as it's on SHO Beyond and TMC over the next two months.

Posted by: naturalfake at December 28, 2014 05:12 PM (KBvAm)

43 Oh, and Hexcells IS A GREAT GAME!

Picked up all three recently and they're great when you just want to sit there and work on your analytical skills.

Posted by: --- at December 28, 2014 05:12 PM (MMC8r)

44 So In Eve this week. In Eve Ships are tools. We have Big ships called capitals. Not the biggest ships in the game, but big and expensive for your run of the mill pilot.

So I keep a Dreadnought down in the South with a Group called Space Violence. It's on a Second account so I'm gonna dual box. I have dual boxed with my Carrier, but not with the dread. Jump clone down to where the dread is Get in fleet and wait for the call. I take a quick look at the Dread's fit, check fuel and go back to my other Account.

Call goes out, Dreads Undock and Jump. Party Time! Undock Jump. All the while i'm trying to keep up with the fight on my other screen. Quick look over as the dread loads grid. Get all the mods going lock targets and start shooting. PEW PEW Bitches! In my mind. Back to the Proteus. Keeping up with the calls etx. Ok back to the Dread. Why the fuck am I not in Siege? I'm a very expensive battleship if I'm not sieged. Why is this Client all fucked up? Unfuck Client as fast as possible. What Was that Error Message? Hit button again. Oooooh. FUCK.

Thus I discovered my major malfunction. Ladies and Gentleman. Dreads need something to go into siege mode: Stront. And I didn't have any Stront. In my haste I forgot to check if I had stashed Stront in the Fuel Bay. So I put a ship worth, I dunno, 75 bucks on the field and I had forgot the basics. I had plenty in the Station, but none here with me. Welp.

We won the fight and I flew both ships back home where I promptly put 5 cycles worth of Stront into my Fuel Bay.

I am horrible at this game. I was shaking like a leaf for almost an hour. Never played a game that did that to me. Fuck You Eve, I'm still playing you.

Posted by: Zakn at December 28, 2014 06:06 PM (ec1Ol)

45 StarGuitar: Dubstep with a competent keys player.

If you haven't checked out WorldOrder or OwlCity, at least check them out. Machine Civilization ( and Deer in the Headlights ( respectively are reasonable examples of both groups.

Posted by: captslaq at December 28, 2014 06:30 PM (8hBio)

46 I picked up Game Dev Tycoon last night. Kind of a
fun game. It seems to be very picky on things though. I'll probably
check out the mods for it eventually.

Posted by: buzzion at December 28, 2014 03:47 PM (zt+N6)

read the wiki, the key to good game review scores is making games with similar ratios to your last game.
I have gotten a lot of 10-10-10-9 reviews.Bastards.

Posted by: Deathknyte at December 28, 2014 09:41 PM (6VayV)

47 Lets look at my games, played time, and work out a valuation.
Only going with the ones I play replay.. going back to like old friends.

Mount Blade: Warband $3.99 (80% off) - 342 hours on record.
Yeah, that's going to win my cost effectiveness one.
It's a good tactical medieval battle simulator. Take over the world for your king or queen (or yourself if you have hundreds of hours).
Loads of fun once you get the hang of it, but reinforcing your own kingdom's castles with recruits is a drag if you go that route.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale $6.79 (66% off) - 213 hours on record.
That's inflated; I lost my savegames redid a ton.
It's an odd game, not everyone's cup of tea for sure. Two phases.
1) Play an NPC shopkeeper in a town buy sell stuff with a markup to pay off your dad's loan and keep your home.
2) Adventure in dungeons (arcade style) to find new loot to sell (instead of buying it).

Gnomoria $3.99 (50% off) - 173 hours on record.
It's still early access, but playable as-is.
It's a town/city management, with gnomes, and invading goblins.
Dwarf fortress with a decent UI is how it's described; never played DF so I can't tell you if that comparison is accurate.

Fallen Earth - $0.00 (freemium) - 122 hours on record.
When I feel the MMORPG itch needs scratched, I play this.
Free to play, several limitations; paying for anything ever unlocks some of the limitations forever (which is nice).
Post-apocalyptic, good crafting setup, and an explanation for why you don't stay dead when you die in the storyline (which is a plus).
Sadly without my Ventrilo setup some teammates I burn out after a couple weeks each go.

Organ Trail: Director's Cut - $2.99 (40% off) - 39 hours on record (which seems low but still was a fun play I play on occasion still).
A fun "Oregon Trail" zombie shooter simulator. Old graphics, nostalgic feel, but not a bad game and a working structure for the game.

Darkstar One - $1.99 (80% off) - 24 hours on record (and 20-30 off).
The only game that fits my "Freelancer/Wing Commander Privateer" needs. Not a great game, but workable, and an upgradable ship that actually changes as you upgrade it. Decent trading, nothing special, fun space combat with a few sticking missions that blow chunks.

That puts me at $19.75 With one freebie stuck in there *(that I paid $9 or so for once after about 20 hours of play to remove a couple limitations in Fallen Earth But it is free until you are willing to give them a bit of cash).

There's my best $20 spent on steam (pricing at the current steam winter sale).

Posted by: gekkobear at December 28, 2014 10:39 PM (qqVuf)

48 I got Wasteland 2 for Christmas. It's similar to the old Fallout games, but balanced for a well-designed party of four instead of a single player character with an NPC companion. It's fun, but pretty hard so far.

Posted by: Prothonotary Warbler at December 28, 2014 10:47 PM (5pg79)

49 Another interesting game that Steam has on sale now is Transistor. It's an action RPG where you play a chick with a big sword covered in circuitry. It has 96% positive reviews, and it's on sale for $6.79 (that's 66% off).

I've played a little bit of it; seems fun so far. It has really good music and pretty graphics.

Posted by: Prothonotary Warbler at December 28, 2014 10:53 PM (5pg79)

50 My Xbox 360 died a month ago. Xbox One is not backwards compatible. So I bought a new Xbox 360. Does that make me retro, or a dinosaur? I cannot part with GoW 3.

Posted by: Teh Most Interesting Man at December 29, 2014 12:38 AM (nwDXR)

51 Escort girls http://REGMODELS.RU

Posted by: Tina at December 29, 2014 03:10 AM (WprBO)

52 Posted by: Inspector Cussword at December 28, 2014 03:47 PM (scgac)

Ok, I picked up Dishonored Kingdoms of Amalur (the strategy ones didn't look as much my cup of tea) on your recommendation (having Mount Blade makes me think we might like similar games).

This is very good.

If I like the games, I both have new games and got them cheap.
If I don't like them, I have someone to blame.

Posted by: gekkobear at December 29, 2014 11:30 AM (qqVuf)

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