So Hugh, is it still tasty now?

I actually like Hugh Hewitt, his relentless GOP boosterism notwithstanding. However, since he was the biggest Specter supporter back in 2004 due to the "R" after his name, despite Specter being a socially and fiscally liberal douchebag, I feel obligated to resurrect this post from Hubris. See below the fold.

Shit Sandwich Suprisingly Tasty; I Give It A B+

Hughby Hugh Hewitt

I know what you're thinking:  "Why should I try a shit sandwich?"  I might have felt the same way a few days ago, but now I'm a believer.

I was chatting with an administration insider over the weekend.  During a sidebar in the conversation, it was intimated to me that President Bush's favorite late-night snack was a "shit sandwich" with tartar sauce on the side.  That encouraged me to give it a shot with an open mind.  I know the president is intuitive yet discriminating  in his choices, and isn't afraid to go against the conventional wisdom.   He also needs a lot of energy to get up early and fight the GWOT each day.

So I tried it.  The verdict?  Earthy, no-nonsense flavor.  The tangy contrast of the tartar sauce is initially off-putting, but like Bush, I'm in this game for the long term.  I'll give it some time to grow on me.  It's easily a B+ snack.

UPDATE:  My insider friend just called me again; apparently I misheard his end of the conversation, it was a fish sandwich.  Well, that shouldn't surprise me.  In addition to introducing bold new ideas, Bush has always shown an appreciation for the traditional eating values that made this country great in the first place.

Those of you who think that I'm being too tough on Mr. Hewitt need to acquaint or reacquaint yourselves with his archives on this subject.

Posted by: Physics Geek at 03:57 PM


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