Blogger Faces Return to Tolerant Pakistan

Say you were from Pakistan. Say you came to Canada and became a blogger speaking out against Islamic terror. Say Canada might send you back to Pakistan. Would you be say, "a bit worried", about the attachment of your head to the rest of you? Say you blog with Mushiloon? Does that result in an automatic link from The Jawa Report?

Via Michael van der Galien at Liberty and Justice: As all of you who have read (some of) his articles will know, Isaac is very critical about radical Islam. He witnessed the results of a culture of radical Islam, he saw the effects of this ideology of hatred and ignorance, how people are forced to live, first-hand. As a result, he understands that Muslim extremists do not just pose a threat to the West, but also to every single person living in 'Muslim countries'.

As a result, it should be obvious to anyone with any basic knowledge about this subject, it is not exactly safe for him, an apostate, to live in a country in which Muslim extremists have quite some power. He came from Pakistan, was educated in Saudi Arabia, later in the United States and now lives in Canada.

He is currently involved in the battle of his life: in January 2007 one judge will decide whether he should be granted refugee status in Canada or be deported to Pakistan.

You bet you’re a$$ it does. To Liberty and Justice co-blogger Isaac Schrodinger click here NOW.

Posted by: Howie at 11:16 AM


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