Danish Exports Up After Mohammed Cartoons

About two weeks ago Adam, who hails from Denmark, left the following comment:

I saw a statistic the other day - Danish export to the US has gone up more than 17% since the cartoon incident. I guess there is nothing else to say but a big THANK YOU to everyone on your side of the pond who decided to give our country a bit of support when we needed it the most! Pass it on…!

I attempted to look up the information to cover it because I do consider it great news that people are sticking up for Denmark and the right of free speech, but I was unsuccessful instead finding old information or sites that were completely in Danish. Who knows if the information I found was actually applicable to the topic at hand. I emailed Adam asking where he saw that information and today he got back to me sending along a link to a brief article TV2 Finans.

I have run the article through a translator that I use for other issues, but unfortunately it did not come out very well. Adam also wrote the following for a summary of the article in English:

This is in danish, but the gist of it is that increased export to USA and Germany far outweighs lost export to arabic countries, and is partly due to the Muhammed-incident, according to the Institute for Trading Conditions.

The article also states, if I am reading it right and the translation is even somewhat accurate, that the percieved loss to the Danish economy over boycotts was far more than the actual loss therefore Danish exports have increased overall. Again, great news and thank you, Adam, for the correspondence.

Posted by: Chad at 04:49 PM


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