Should Christians Convert to Islam?

Should Christians convert to Islam so they don't offend Muslims? That a questions that I am sure European and "progressive" American Christians will be asking in about ten years.

First Lutherans pray in celebration of Muhammad’s birthday and Catholic bishops allow churches to become mosques. Now Gateway Pundit is reporting the Church of England is considering replacing Saint George as the patron saint of England because Muslims are offended. What is next? Will Jesus be demoted to prophet because Muslims do not believe he is the son of God?

For those who want to know more about Europe's fall of Christianity, why churches in Africa and Asia are sending missionaries to the first world, and much more I recommend The Next Christendom.

In an interesting side note Saint George maybe replaced by Saint Alban as patron saint. Saint Alban was martyred by a government which worshiped itself and did not tolerate Christianity. How things change how things stay the same.

Posted by: Catholic at 10:00 AM


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