The revolution that should have been


4th July - fireworks, food and fun.

Congratulations on the result of a revolution that some of us Brits think ought to have happened here as well. So, for British 'subjects' like me looking to join in the fun, can I recommend Jonathan Freedland's excellent book "Bring Home the Revolution: The Case for a British Republic" :-)

"...the spirit that inspires the American secret is actually our own -- a British revolutionary fervour mislaid across the Atlantic. This is what has made America the diverse, freedom-loving, self-sufficient, independent icon to the world: the place where socialism never took hold because it is inherent in the founding vision, where capitalism at the same time has reached its apogee; where many cultures contribute to the national fabric and yet the sense of belonging to the nation and reverence for its symbols is unmatched across the globe. It's time Britain shared the vitality: time to reclaim the revolution and bring it home."

Have a fun day, I'll be in the office :-(

Posted by: Sheward at 04:22 PM


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