"I hate all that obligation"

Poor Japanese. You've read about their disinterest in sex, wives turning into porn actresses to get some action, and lonely women turning to male love dolls. A recent poll says things really are bad:

The magazine bases its judgment on a survey of 3,000 single men aged from 20 to 39 in which it discovered two thirds do not have a girlfriend and a startling one-third haven't had a partner for three years or more...

"That's precisely why I'm unattached," says Dragon Odawara, a manga artist who's become famous by drawing cartoons about remaining a virgin well into adulthood. "When you go out with a woman, you've got to meet once a week, call her up and all that stuff. I hate all that obligation. Besides, how often do relationships go as you want them to?"...

"Guys who don't have much of a chance to meet women, and instead relieve themselves through such alternatives as adult movies or sex services, get used to being aroused by the beautifully-built women they see in these things and can't be satisfied by the average woman on the street."

There is only one thing to do: post another Japanese edition of Filipina Celebs. Ladies and gentlemen, Jun Natsukawa. Please help her find love.

Posted by: cbjohnson at 09:23 AM


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