Withdraw! Surrender! Redeploy! No Amnesty for Insurgents!

Hey all! Welcome back!

Above is the Democrat leadership plan for the war effort. Well, at least a portion of it (knowing full well that all options which aren't "win first, withdraw when ready" are untennable and irresponsible).

Q & O nails the left down with one of their new glaring and laughable inconsistencies. Do these people ever think their arguments through before spouting them?

The logical fallacy:

Oh, and one final note on the whole withdrawal/national reconciliation issue: If your position is that US troops should be withdrawn from Iraq immediately, you are automatically foreclosed from complaining that an amnesty negates the sacrifices of US troops. If your primary policy goal is a US withdrawal from Iraq in a fixed time frame, regardless of the security situation, or the consequences to US interests of such a withdrawal, then please, at least have the courtesy of refraining from shedding crocodile tears for the sacrifices of our troops at the prospect.

That's what happens when your poisitions on the war are based on pure emotion and not on strategy-centered logic.

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Posted by: Good Lieutenant at 07:09 AM


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