IDF forces arrest Palestinian cabinet ministers, lawmakers

Ever notice how no one in Israel ever asks the question "Why do they hate us"? Unlike the left and media in this country, security is paramount. As for the rest, they simply don't give a damn.

Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Nasser a-Shaer, who evaded capture by Israel Defense Forces troops during mass arrests of Hamas officials before dawn Thursday, has gone into hiding in the West Bank. A-Shaer has disconnected all his cellular telephones out of fear Israeli security services would again attempt to track him down and arrest him.

The mass arrests of senior Hamas officials were part of Israel's expanded military operation against the Hamas-led government in the Palestinian Authority.

IDF troops launched the major arrest operation against Hamas officials overnight, detaining 64 of the ruling militant group's ministers and parliamentarians in the West Bank and 23 military operatives.

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Posted by: Traderrob at 02:05 PM


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