Blitz to the Max

BlitzMax is out!*

Blitz Basic is a fast and very neat Basic compiler for Windows, mainly designed for writing games. The developers have now taken it, stretched it in several new directions (it's object oriented**, and uses OpenGL for all its graphics**), and expanded it to support Mac and Linux as well. Just $80 gets you all three versions. I wonder if it has any sort of database support, because if BlitzMax as fast and easy to use as Blitz Basic, and runs on Linux, it will be a very useful tool indeed.

Update: No database stuff. Oh well. In fact, the library included with BlitzMax is very spartan by today's standards.

* Sort of. Currently only available for MacOS X, but the Windows and Linux versions are due soon.
** This is a good thing.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at 12:09 PM


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