I Do Not Like It, Sam I Am

I don't think I like Expression Engine very much. Not in a boat, and most certainly not with a goat.

It works, it's very flexible, it's amazingly awkward to configure and use, and it's slow as a wet week at delivering pages. If you turn template caching on - which you need to do individually for each template in each blog - it's only as slow as a wet Tuesday, but caching has its own drawbacks. (The cache isn't fully automatic, so when you change certain things you have to manually clear the cache before it shows up.)

And the user inteface screens have that charming designed-for-IE bug where no matter what screen size you have, they are always this much wider than your screen - so you have to scroll sideways to click on the submit button.

To be fair, you don't normally spend that much time fiddling with the configuration of your blog once you have it working. Templates, maybe, but not the low-level fiddly bits. The annoying thing is that EE comes with the low-level fiddly bits set all wrong for what we want to do at MuNu, and you can't just throw a switch to make it right, you have to run around fixing and, um, fiddling.

I'll stick with it for a while and see how it goes. Now I just need to scroll to the right because the Update button has hidden itself again.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at 05:16 PM


1 I hate it when that happens....

It seems like more and more websites are being designed for projection-tv sized monitors. Phooey!

Posted by: Susie at December 10, 2004 04:12 AM (3nS88)

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